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Helped Me To Think Forward

"I've never been a part of a Mastermind and I'm amazed how it has helped me think forward, realize what I thought were weaknesses are strengths and become much more intentional" Amanda Jacksn

Safe Place To Grow
"Love this has become the safe- non-judgemental, place for sharing openly, where we can all get to know eachother better and... grow!"
"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I loved this Meet-up weekend! It was extremely well thought through & I loved the intentional focus of the materials- great balance of session, group time and down time. This weekend was life changing"
Couldn't Imagine

"I didn't know what to expect so I would say it's been better than I could have imagined" I am truly amazed at how much I've already learned - especially about myself and what I am capable of"

 a carefully curated, diverse group of women, moms, Entrepreneurs & business leaders unified by the  definite purpose of bravely discovering & living into the Best Version of Ourselves 
We walk, shoulder to shoulder, through the varied peaks & valleys of life, family, work, success, challenges & possibility- together.

​​​​​ We are all performers, failures, strugglers, survivors & thrivers -sharing deeply, openly and candidly to boost each other over our ‘walls’ & holding one another up when we can't stand 
Real & Raw- Warts, Bad Hair Days & All

 "You can achieve more in 1 year with a Mastermind than a  lifetime alone" Cliff Ravenscraft
What Might Be Possible?

Imagine with me for a moment....
if you met with your fierce, fun, safe, ambitious, tribe of women from all over the country, every week -
not for coffee chit chat
but to intentionally connect, encourage, challenge, love, & accept  you….women who refuse to accept less than your best? 
What Might be Possible?

 a multi-passionate entrepreneur, proud boy mom & founder of the BVU Mastermind for women. 

You can not change a single moment of your past, but you can change your entire future.
Right Now.

My entrepreneurial journey began in 6th grade hawking fireballs in the back of the school bus and over the last 20 years has included a B &B, an innovative tour packaging company in Charleston, SC and high-tech Executive recruitment firm.

Although wildly different, each venture and ‘big idea’ has been unified by a single passion- to facilitate meaningful transformations through innovation, curiosity, connections, encouragement and mindset….. Not to mention a truck load of grit & humor.

All 'Insta-masks' off...its not been all unicorns & glitter. There have been empty wallets, tears while hiding in the closet and a marriage broken by addictions. 

I believe my journey in discovering my best self is helping you along yours.

​​​​​​​We were never meant to do this alone.

How Many People Have To Tell You,
You ARE Worthy, Before You Believe Them? 
Your information is precious & safe with us! We will not disclose, share or sell your information to any outside parties. No Way Jose.
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